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Leeteuk looks totally like their mother. 

That smile and the grip he has on that 5-year old boy on his right. Totally protective towards his youngest.

This looks more like a Family Portrait rather than a group picture.

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After Kobe concerts finished, we totally enjoyed Kobe ! Tomorrow is Niigata ♪ 
Let’s get excited in Niigata too ★

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  • 140415 V-Chart Yin Yue Tai Awards
  • Super Junior accepting 3 awards:
  1. SJ- Top Group
  2. SJ- Most Favorite Artist
  3. SJM- Album of the year (Break Down)

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donghae stood up because he thought CNBlue wins~ actually they are just announcing the current poll and kyuhyun oulls donghae back to his seat “hyung you are so embarrassing”

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